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Evanetics is an experienced solution provider for

  • Organizational change as you move from the waterfall model to a sustainable iterative process
  • Implementing the IBM/Rational Unified Process® (RUP) to fit your organization's culture
  • Implementing an agile development process to focus your team on delivering the right software
  • Training in business analysis, use cases, agile process and object-oriented practices

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Soft Skills Training

Learning to be a business system analyst, or use case writer, or service-oriented analyst is not easy. And teaching these skills requires hands-on knowledge to separate theory from successful practice. Evanetics provides efficient and effective training in these soft skills areas with pragmatic, on-site classroom offerings.

Agile RUP®

For organizations moving from waterfall to iterative process, or for those not ready to become fully agile, Evanetics is a known leader in implementing the Rational Unified Process (RUP) in an agile manner. We tailor the concepts of RUP to your culture and tolerance, simplifying the complexity of RUP so all stakeholders understand their "team" role.

Use Case Coaching and

Facilitated Workshops

Evanetics has the experience to help your team identify and write the correct use cases for your project. We offer high-efficiency use case training, and facilitated workshops where your team and our facilitator produce the use cases for your project. After classroom training, our workshops deliver tangible results.

Expert UML Modeling and
Project Coaching

UML opens new channels of communication. Your team and our facilitator work together to use UML and other techniques to clearly specify your system's problem space (analysis) and its solution space (design).  Our facilitator will work with your team to define process, project and people success.


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